Personal Note To Families

Passion / Risk / Reward

I know many will say, I love what I do for a living. In my case, my living is what I love!   I have been working with social services programs for more than 30 years.  I still learn something each and every day, and I cherish all the special moments the children can guarantee.  

I have seen what is truly unfair and unthinkable in deciding what is "best" for children with autism and apraxia.  I have been at assessment hearings and understand your frustrations with the hard fast rules that should not be applied to ALL children.   I understand your  "whole plight" as parents, siblings and as families.  We CAN help! 

I turned my helpless dissatisfaction into a motivating passion, deciding to take a risk, and invest my heart and soul to help children with modest to severe autism.  To this day and without any reservation, I can proudly state that "YES,  ITG is making a difference, one child at a time".

Personally,  I still get up every morning and look forward to seeing the kids.    I "get it" and  love what I do!   While I do not have all the answers to this complex challenge, I can commit to you a 110% effort to make your life run just a little more smoothly.   It's been my pleasure and passion,  as my "kids" have aged from child, to youth, to teenagers, to adulthood, my REWARDS have been endless!  

So why ITG?

Beyond parents, I cannot believe anyone would or could love and or want to be more involved in witnessing their breakthroughs and successes more  than me!


All the best, 



Our Team

We simply care more and our ACTIONS speak louder than words.   

Our parents see the "dramatic" difference. 



Seeing is Believing

We document your child's progress and record all those AMAZING events for you to see.