About Us

ITG is focused on building interventions that reflect the uniqueness and individuality of every child.​Clinicians using the ITG approach are creative detectives and explorers with the ability to stretch their intuitive “muscles” and continuously seek to learn and to question their assumptions. In this way, they can more fully identify, address and implement highly customized and agile approaches that greatly impact the prognosis of their clients. We provide intensive training to promote the understanding of every discipline as an important element in being able to visualize a child as a whole. Understanding the body, learning styles, praxis, family background and communication are a priority for every clinician when designing and implementing an intervention program. We continue to train teachers and therapists in the importance of working together within the classroom. We have found that when therapists and teachers work together on a customized and individualized whole body plan, they can create an environment for learning that far surpasses the therapeutic impact of either professional working alone. At ITG, detailed planning of every exercise is crucial to ensure apraxia and sensory systems are targeted and built upon level by level without jeopardizing or overloading the child’s emotional state. Children are taught to learn how to learn, in a meaningful, non-compartmentalized manner. We continue to examine ways in which children use their bodies in purposeful volitional ways to complete academic, self-help, daily living and social tasks necessary to interact at school, at home and ultimately at the community level.