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We focus on a "whole body approach" in developing our students  transition to reaching  their full potential.  When you first walk into ITG you will see Albert Einstein's famous quote memorialized in print on our walls.  We stand firmly behind the effectiveness of our individualized programs, and will always focus on  providing the conditions in which our students with dyspraxia can learn." 

We  keep it simple "to expand one's horizon and make a difference in the lives of each child or young adult, every day! 




We believe by using the very best in interactive educational SMART BOARD technology with individualized student programming, learning can be fun and successful.   Our smaller facility setting allows our children to be seen and be heard!                                       


LIN - A Better Approach for Children with Dyspraxia

 ITG utilizes the Learn and Integrate Now (LINTM) approach to learning. LIN focuses on both motor and sensory impairments in a whole-body approach to therapy. This integrated (body-mind-heart) approach embraces the entire person as opposed to compartmentalizing behaviors and skills.  Most simply, the LIN approach focuses on synchronization of systems. Children's motor planning along with their sensory systems: vestibular, proprioceptive, auditory and phonatory systems learn to work together. As soon as skills are learned they are carefully integrated into the use of other systems. The illuminating central thesis behind the process is the child learning how to think and coordinate with various parts of the body, independent from each other, executing ideas while using multiple systems.   The LIN approach follows a systematic and intensive combination of exercises using a series of stages to build a foundation and scaffold from which movements can be successfully executed and built upon. The program first addresses alignment of the sensory system and then on one area of praxis needed to perform a skill. Once “learned” the focus shifts to carefully integrate other areas so that multiple systems work together as a whole.  This method serves as a platform and the building blocks that allow for development and generalization of skills.  

About Us


Our Program Director

Linnette Gonzalez is the Founder and Executive Director of Integrated Therapeutics Group, LLC. She is also the developer of the Learn and Integrate Now (LIN™) approach to communication for children and young adults with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) and moderate to severe dsypraxia. She is a certified DIRFloortime® Expert with over 20 years experience as a certified Speech and Language pathologist.

She has formally lectured domestically and internationally  on the LIN™ method of learning.   While continuing her directorship roles in the US, she was the primary Lead Apraxia Consultant at Istituto Villa Flaminia, Rome Italy  from 2011 through 2016.  She had trained teams of educators and clinicians throughout Italy and lectured at numerous locations internationally,   including at  the prestigious Stella Maris Scientific Institute & University in Pisa (the largest hospital for child neurology and psychiatry in Italy).

Linnette holds a BA from Rutgers University and her Masters in Speech and Hearing Sciences from William Paterson University.   

Linnette speaks Italian, Spanish and English. 


Our Team of Caring Individuals


Our team  chooses  this line of work because we truly care about doing "whats right" for each and every child!.  Yes, we acknowledge there are challenges,  but we love what we do! 

We see something very special and meaningful happen each and every day! 



We proactively  find whats the best and "right" way for your child to learn and develop.   We become your advocate that your child does not get lost in "the system". 

Driven by the life experience of fighting for children with moderate to severe autism, we expect and deliver  "better opportunities" for our children.   This is EXACTLY why we opened ITG!!!.   

Come talk to us and to the parents who have seen the difference.

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